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Las Updated On December 07, 1998

Scarlet fever...An acute contagious disease caused by a hemolytic streptococcus, occurring predominantly among children and characterized by a scarlet skin eruption and high fever... or Scarlett fever... An acute conatgious phenomenon caused by the 1939 classic Gone With the Wind, occurring predominately among all ages, all races, all nationalities all over the world and characterized by a burning desire to view the greatest movie of all time. Who can blame anyone who catches Scarlett fever. With the undisputed 'King of Hollywood' Clark Gable and British beauty Vivien Leigh along with a fantastic, Oscar winning cast, Gone With the Wind has become known as one the greatest movies of all time winning 10 Oscars. I thank all 'Windies' and 'Windies-To-Be' for visiting my tribite to Gone With the Wind.