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Click on the correct answer.
:o) = Correct Answer
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1 What was the one subject Scarlett firmly believed should never be spoken of?

2 Who told Scarlett that she was going to marry a man with jet-black hair and a long black mustache?
Mammy Jincy

3 How old was Rhett at the time of Melanie's death?

4 Rhett once boasted to Scarlett that he was such an excellent shooter that he could "drill a dime" at what distance?
50 Yards
25 Yards
10 Yards

5 What was Ashley's real first name?

6 Who mended Ashley' uniform before he came home on furlogh in 1863?
Ashley Himself

7 Who once described Melanie as "a sweet thing... with never a word to say about herself..."?
Ellen O' Hara
Gerald O' Hara
Rhett Butler

8 What did Wade Hamilton call Melanie?
Auntee Mellie

9 What did Mammy weigh?
175 Pounds
200 Pounds
225 Pounds

10 What did Mammy do with Tara's silver during the Yankee occupation of the plantation?
She hid it in the fireplace.
She buried it.
She put it in the well.

11 How tall was Gerald O'Hara?
5 ft. 4.5 in.
5 ft. 5.5 in.
5 ft. 6.5 in.

12 By February 1864, how much coton did Gerald have stored away under the shed near the gin house at Tara, unable to sell?
2 years crops
3 years crops
4 years crops

13 What was the name of Ellen's mother?
Solange Robillard
Eugenie Robillard
Pauline Robillard

14 What did Ellen receive as a wedding present from Gerald?
a diamond ring
a pearl necklace
garnet earrings

15 What state did Honey Wilkes husband come from?

16 Who was Charles courting before he "accidenatlly" married Scarlett?
India Wilkes
Suellen O'Hara
Honey Wilkes

17 What color was Frank Kennedy's beard?
sandy brown
ginger colored
auburn with a touch of gray

18 What prepatory school did Anunt Pittypat attend?
The La Grange Female Institute
Fayetteville Female Academy
Savannah Female Prepatory Academy

19 What was the fouth university to expel the Tarleton twins?
The University of Alabama
The University of Virginia
The University of Georgia

20 What was the name of Suellen's oldest daughter?