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Click on the correct answer.
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1 Who did Scarlett see marching with the Confederacy in Atlanta?
Big Sam

2 Who was Frank Kennedy engaged to before he married Scarlett?
Careen O' Hara
Maybelle Merriwether
Suellen O' Hara

3 What color is Scarlett's dress in the opening scene of the movie?

4 At the Twelve Oaks barbecue, what stranger did Scarlett inquire about at the bottom of the stairs?
Rhett Butler
Charles Hamilton
Frank Kennedy

5 When Rhett Butler visited Scarlett after Frank Kennedy's funeral, what did Scarlett gargle to get rid of the smell of alcohol?
Mint Flavored Water
Perfume Water

6 Who said, "Boys aren't any use to anybody. Don't you think I'm proof of that?"
Rhett Butler
Gerald O' Hara
Ashley Wilkes

7 Why did Rhett refuse to have Bonnie buried?
He couldn't part with her body.
He wanted her to stay in the nursery.
She was afraid of the dark.

8 What does Rhett say Belle has that Scarlett doesn't?
A Shrewd Mind
A Heart
A Loving Family

9 How does Rhett convince Scarlett to marry him?
He tells her marriage can be fun.
He shows her an enormous diamond engagement ring.
He tells her how rich she'll be if she marries him.

10 Why doesn't Scarlett want to have anymore children?
She "doesn't want to grow old and fat before her time."
It's too painful.
She's scared.

11 Who delivers Melanie's first baby in Atlanta?
Mrs. Merriwether
Scarlett & Prissy
Aunt Pittypat

12 What did Scarlett do at the bazaar that upset everyone?
She wore a red dress
She accepted the offer to dance.
She publicly denounced the war.

13 What is the name of the newspaper that published the casualty lists that Scarlett and the people of Atlanta waited for?
Daily Chronicle
The Chronicle
Daily Examiner

14 What type of clothing did Rhett say was out in Paris?
Hoop Skirts

15 Who tells Scarlett that war has started?
Gerald O' Hara
Ashley Wilkes
Charles Hamilton

16 Who said "I do hate you. You've done all you could to lower the prestige of decent people."?
India Wilkes
Scarlett O' Hara
Suellen O' Hara

17 Why does Mammy think Scarlett should go to Savannah instead of Atlanta?
She'll only find trouble in Atlanta.
Atlanta is too dangerous.
Savannah is more exciting.

18 What does Mammy compare Scarlett to for choosing to go to Atlanta to stay with Aunt Pittypat and Melanie?
A Mule in Horse Harness
A Watchdog
A Spider

19 Scarlett's sister, Suellen, said you could always tell a lady by what?
The Size of Her Waist
Her Hands
The Length of Her Hair

20 After hearing the gunshot, Melanie came running out of the bedroom with what?
Her father's revolver
Her brother Charles' sword
Her father's sword