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Scarlett Sensation


Do you love Gone With the Wind? Do you want to share your love with others? I am starting a GWTW online newsletter called 'Scarlett Sensation'. Included in the newsletter are stories, GWTW Trivia, and online chat sessions. The cost if free, just send your name, birthday, and the story of how you first began to love the epic novel and movie Gone With the Wind to

The Scarlett Letter

I (John Wiley) am the editor/publisher of 'The Scarlett Letter.' While I contacted some people who had signed on to the "Scarlett Fever" web page, I am not associated with that page.
I began The Scarlett Letter last April, unveiling the first issue at Gone With the Wind Forum '96 in Atlanta -- a convention commemorating the 60th anniversary of the publication of Margaret Mitchell's novel. I have almost 500 subscribers worldwide, and each issue covers all the latest news about Gone With the Wind, including updates on the restoration of The Mitchell House in Atlanta, as well as the newest GWTW collectibles on the market. Historical research articles, a "Yesterday" timeline, briefs, a "Wind Whys" Q&A column and classified and display ads from people buying and selling GWTW collectibles also are included.
The Scarlett Letter is published quarterly--Spring (March), Summer (June), Fall (September) and Winter (December), and is mailed first-class to all subscribers. The cost for a one-year subscription is $15 within the United States, and $20 outside.
Thanks for your interest ... and for helping spread the word! If you have any more questions, just give me a holler. The mailing address for 'The Scarlett Letter' is 1347 Greenmos Drive, Richmond, Virginia 23225.

*Do you know of any other great GWTW newsletter, online or by snail mail, or even publish one yourself? Let me know! I'd love to give them a little place in cyberspace n my webpage. Thanks!


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